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Jin jing group fell in love with sunshine,And green,At will“Innocence、Excellence、Globalization”Under the guidance of our core values,The pursuit of product、Industry products、Character to true、To the pure;Knowledge of excellence、Built to last;Capital、The talented person、The market、Brand、The globalization of services。Group taking service for the extension of product。

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1998Years passedISO9002Quality system certification。2007ReceivedISO/14001Environment system certification,As well as the enterprise standardization4ACertification。Governor of shandong province quality prize,Shandong province enterprise management awards honor。

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Jin jing group

Jin jing(Group)Co., LTD., located in the birthplace of the glass industry——Shandong boshan ship,From1904The first glass company has establishment in China,Jin jing seemed to the flat glass in China107In the history of civilization。At present,Jin jing(Group)Co., LTD is a glass、The development of soda ash and its extended products、Production、Processing、Management as main business,And gradually enter the solar energy and new materials、Energy-saving new materials in the field of large-scale group company,Is the national high and new technology enterprise,China's new material base backbone enterprises。

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“To the pure”In the world Create beauty life 丨 jin jing group design and material innovation“To the pure”Product application conference was held successfully in Shanghai

 2019Years8Month23Day,Jin jing group design and material innovation“To the pure”Product application conference successfully held in Shanghai hongqiao Hilton Hotel。This conference hosted by jin jing group shandong jin jing technology co., LTD,The Shanghai academy of architecture as the guidance unit,Industry experts were invited、Designer、User representatives, etc120More people to attend,The guests around“Materials+Design”The eternal topic,Discusses the application of the fusion of the design and material innovation mode,For continuous ascending humans living environment、And create a better life together! 

Building materials industry in the new era calls for new positioning Implement new work

The National People's Congress、Jin jing(Group)Co., LTD., chairman wang gang       2018In the national two sessions《The government work report》In the notes,2017Main goal task complete years economic and social development and better than expected,Gross domestic product (GDP) growth6.9%,Industrial growth,Corporate profit growth21%。The thirteenth session of National People's Congress、Jin jing(Group)Co., LTD., chairman wang gang that supply side structural reforms to expand new kinetic energy,To speed up the economic structure optimization and upgrading,Reform gradually break the economic development and the problem of structural imbalance

Jin jing group crystal color at the 13thSNECSolar photovoltaic exhibition

Jin jing group crystal color at the 13thSNECSolar photovoltaic exhibition

Jin jing blossom first30The China glass show

           2019Years5Month22Day,The first30The China international exhibition on glass industrial technology(Hereinafter referred to as the first30The China glass show)China international exhibition center in Beijing(The new library)The opening,For four days,To5Month25The end of the day。The exhibition sponsored by the Chinese society of silicate、Beijing to undertake silicon exhibition co., LTD,Continue to 乗 hold“Specialization、Internationalization、Scale”The exhibition idea,Based on a fair platform, sharing of information industry、To promote industrial convergence、Power transformation and upgrading of glass industry