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Changshu day quantity instrument co., LTD

Address: Yushan economic development zone of suzhou68-2
Mail Make up: 215500

The electricity Words: 0512-52843150
Pass The true: 0512-52843250

Contacts: Wangcheng dress feather(13915618779)

E-mail: tlyiqi@sina.com
Net  The address: http://www.tangfeng.org.cn

Company profile

  Changshu days measure instrument co., LTD is a professional engaged in various kinds of weighing、Testing instrument、The instrument、The manufacture of the sensor and detection system of high-tech enterprises。Company by a long-term career in weighing apparatus of excellent production、Management personnel and engineering and technical personnel to create。
Our main products areLTSeries precision electronic balance,Counting electronic balance,Miniature electronic balance,Large weighing electronic balance and high-grade mahogany gift scales,At the same time, production is suitable for the kitchen scale、Electronic balance、Price computing scale、Palm scale and number of sensors。    Company with“Quality first,To create a first-class“As the enterprise spirit encouraged unity of all employees,Strive for perfection。To provide users with high quality products。Our promise:As China's best weighing apparatus manufacturer is our goal。

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Address:Economic development zone of changshu yushan mountain road in suzhou68-2    The zip code:215500    The phone:0512-52843150   Fax:0512-52843250

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