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Xuzhou city yuanhua aluminum industry co., LTD(Sheet metal processing factory)The main business for the deep processing of aluminum sheet,Pattern aluminum plate processing,Aluminum shell processing,Aluminum sheet metal processing,Aluminum plate processing,Aluminum plate cutting,Aluminum plate punching,Aluminum plate bending,Aluminum coating production and sales of traffic signs,Pattern aluminum toolbox,Aluminum alloy toolbox,Is a minor celebrity in the industry of aluminum processing factory,Aluminum round cake manufacturers,Aluminum shell factory,Aluminum panels manufacturer, etc。Company production of aluminum plate、Pattern aluminum plate、Alloy aluminum plate、Aluminum coil、Aluminium strip、Automotive aluminum plate、Corrugated board、Aluminum and aluminum products processing,The company's main product brands as follows:1Department、3Department、5Department、6Department、7Department、8System, etc,The state hasH14、18、22、24、32、111、112、 114、T4、T6、T651…



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Show you the traffic signs,Aluminum alloy toolbox,Aluminum sheet metal processing products,Aluminum panels,Aluminum round cakes,Aluminum shell processing finished products,Pattern aluminum toolbox, and other products……

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