Contact information

Head office address:City of henan province nanyang east road by zhang jin yuan business6Building9Floor
The phone:0377-6162-9399
24Hours customer service telephone:400-6593-039
The Beijing office:Zhongguancun, haidian district and building
Office of Inner Mongolia:Ordos city, the flag of yue and city8Number
Shenzhen office:Shenzhen nanshan bay buildingASeat1232
Zhengzhou office:Dongfeng Pacific science and technology of jinshui district security market2B198
Offices in xinjiang:Xinjiang urumqi area according to buck the qiantang river road272Number
Xinjiang kashgar:Kashgar unity road west central tower The phone;0998-2875756
Chongqing office;Chongqing garden spring stone road168Number The phone15048733493
Xuchang branch:Weidu lotus city road2199Number The nosocomial transportation
The phone:13937733869           Web site:
The     QQ:2329812257