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Little dragon, catering management co., LTD. Is engaged in the food chain and food research in the fields of food and beverage management company。Little dragon old hot pot since2014The rapid development since years,Becoming the circle of chengdu hot pot biggest dark horse;2015Successive years9In his public comments on the top best restaurant,And won“The 12th chengdu gourmet festival folk cuisine public hot pot”The first prize、Tencent dacheng net chengdu hot pot section“Hot pot king of popularity”、2015Hot pot culture festival“The top ten hot pot in chengdu”Such as title;2016Years was electedG20Summit of chengdu municipal government office recommended restaurants。Little dragon old pot from the beginning10Yu Zhang Huoguo table of development to now owns the spring city、Concept、Salt city population、Country shuanglin、Jiaotong university distribution in the district of chengdu, etc9Directly-managed stores,Signing franchise store has reached100More than,Each store has diners line every day,Business is booming。2018Years is expected to more than500Home,Covering various provinces and autonomous regions throughout the country200Multiple cities。

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